"Do you mind if I say something."
"Not at all."
"You look like a bank clerk or perhaps someone who works in a coal office. Except for that funny tie."
"I stole that from an American friend."
"I must say you're the most curious American I've ever met. I don't like them as a rule."
"They're a fine, fleshy race."

- J.P. Donleavy from The Ginger Man

This review first appeared in The Nation, Dec.21 1963. It is based on an American premiere performance at the Orpheum Theatre, New York.

"Theater - The Ginger Man"

by Harold Clurman

The play has been made by J.P. Donleavy from his novel by the same name. Some may say that it is not a play, that it lacks progression, that it doesn't conform to the canons of dramaturgy as determined by the academies. All this is unimportant. A play is anything that conveys an experience of life when acted in a theatre. "The Ginger Man" has a form befitting its content. The play has been admirably directed by Leo Garen. The cast, despite occasional lapses from clear articulation on the part of the men, is excellent.

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