"Whenever anyone says, "theoretically," they really mean "not really."

J.P. Donleavy

The great man passed in Mulingar, Ireland ironicly on 911/17. He was 91 and had had a good life with many artistic and personal victories. See the home page for obituary information. See the J.P. Donleavy bio page for details on Donleavy acheivments.

This site is intended to promote the work of J.P. Donleavy and to offer the most thorough reference materials as possible regarding his many avenues of creativity. Period. No ads. No sponsors. No logins required. Know, too, that this is a non-profit site; I make no financial gain of any kind from this endeavor, including booksellers links. This is basically a fan site on steroids. Over the years (launch was Nov., 2001), JPD and his associates, Bill Dunn (archivist) and the late Bob Mitchell have been more and more directly involved with supplying content, so I suppose the site is about as much the "official" J.P. Donleavy website as it could be without having that title actually bestowed. That said, I still take full editorial and administrative responsibility.


Let it be known that Noel Broadhead of Australia was the first to put a J.P. Donleavy site online. His Geocities page provided a great deal of information and was a pleasure to visit. When Noel contacted me and asked if I would be interested in taking over administration as he was on to other endeavors, I agreed. The Compendium is an extension of that first Donleavy site, building from Noel's foundation and efforts. Contributions continue to help the Compendium grow and fill gaps.

I strive to provide photo credits and bylines for all category entries, but I'm not always able to track down who some of the photographers and writers are. For those who have been identified, I list both credit and a reciprocal link to the person's site or a site associated with his or her work, if such link can be found. I firmly believe in the "you scratch my back, I'll certainly try to scratch yours" maxim. Contributions by other JPD fans also receive "thank you" credits and links (if the latter is wanted). So send your article clippings, anecdotes, book cover art or anything else not yet posted on the site.

Although years of research have gone into the content on this site, there are bound to be errors, and there are still voids that need to be filled. Corrections and additions are always welcome. Those with questions regarding J.P. Donleavy's work can send inquiries to the Compendium. I will respond directly if I know the answer(s) or pass along the message to someone closer to the source. Mr. Donleavy himself is not available for general correspondence, devoting his time to writing, painting, farming his 170-acre estate in Ireland and other business matters. When sending an email to the Compendium, please make it clear in the subject line that your message has something to do with Donleavy or this site. I get a lot of spam and delete all "iffy" looking email without opening it.

Regarding viewing: As of 3/4/2014, Explorer has the best alignment of photos and descriptive text, with Chrome next and Firefox last. But with Explorer you may have to set it to "Compatible View Mode" via the Tools menu. Or you can see each page correctly by clicking the "Refresh" icon with the two arrows on it. All this is probably because of the outdated web bulding software I'm stuck using, but there it is. Regarding links: I try to keep links current on this site, but sites shut down, merge and change hosting providers frequently. Email me if you have any viewing problems or run into any errors.

Many thanks for visiting. - David L. Hartzheim (administrator, The J.P. Donleavy Compendium)

Bill Dunn (JPD's archivist) and ex-Navy Man J.P. Donleavy at the aircraft carrier Intrepid. JPD's inscription reads, "Off to the beach fighting amphibians we sail at break of day." Photo courtesy of Bill Dunn.
JPD, a dedicated farmer of 170 acres, decries "Genetic Modification" in agriculture and declares his estate the first "GM" free farm in Ireland (with the help of some comrades to the cause).

To purchase books by J.P. Donleavy, go to the Buyers' Guide.

During a recent stay in New York for the National Arts Club exhibition of his paintings and drawings, JPD visits a favorite pier. The New Jersey skyline can be seen in the background. Photo © 2007 Bill Dunn.
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