"The animal wants its back protected and to eat. Man is that animal and when he has eaten, he deals in art and artifice, and it becomes lie and compromise; a soft, ingrate murmur of accents and incomes. They tell you to have Horace Ictericton Bart, open your show, it will get a picture in the paper and give the opening 'class'; this is the universal feeling, the feeling to which all animals respond; the great aesthetic communion without body odour. Where do we go for love?"

- J.P. Donleavy from J.P. Donleavy's Ireland

JPD outside his former rooms - #38 Trinity College, Dublin. Photo © 2007 Bill Dunn.
Time Almanac

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JPD included.
A History of American Literature

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JPD among American history's great authors.

To purchase books by J.P. Donleavy, go to the Buyers' Guide.

The Uses of Slime Mould

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Contains an essay on JPD: "Lament for Lost Childhood."
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JPD included.
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JPD and The Ginger Man included.
Yearbook of English Studies

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Contains an essay by Donal O'Drisceoil that includes JPD: "The best banned in the land: censorship and Irish writing since 1950."

by Steven Gilbar - Illustrations by Elliot Banfield (Mr. Banfield also Illustrated the U.S. editions of JPD's The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms and Wrong Information Is Being Given Out at Princeton) publisher: David R. Godine, Boston December 5, 2005

JPD included.
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JPD included.

Killing the Celt

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Contains an essay on JPD, titled "The Hagiography of St. Mike." Thanks to Tomas Runmhar for providing content details.

Book available at Amazon. Killing the Celt Blog.

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"Donleavy, James Patrick"

Critical essay by Ruth Mathewson. - Literature Criticism Series, Thomson Gale, 2005-2006
Literature Criticism Series

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JPD among a group of writers discussed for their life-affirming stories.
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The Ginger Man a subject along with other works that suffered from bans imposed by religious extremists.
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The Ginger Man a subject along with other works that suffered from bans to fight "obscenity."
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JPD included.
American Drama: The Bastard Art (Cambridge Studies in American Theatre and Drama)

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Study includes JPD's stage works.
Culture and Customs of Ireland

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JPD included.
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JPD included.
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JPD and The Ginger Man included.
Technicolor Dreamin': The 1960's Rainbow and Beyond

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JPD included.
"Wrong Information Is Being Given Out at Princeton"

Critical essay by Eamonn Wall - The Dalkey Archive Annual, Spring, 2007 - Dalkey Archive Press, University of Illinois.
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JPD included.
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JPD in vol. 80
The Paris Olympia Press

by Patrick J. Kearney; Angus Carroll, ed. - University of Chicago Press, Oct., 2007 - ISBN 1846311055

At last a new edition of the quintessential bibliographical reference work on the Paris Olympia Press.

Includes The Ginger Man by JPD.

Visit Patrick J. Kearney's site, "Scissors & Paste Bibliographies."
The Book of Positive Quotations

Eds, John Cook, Steve Deger, Leslie Ann Gibson - Fairview Press, 2007 - ISBN 1577491696

JPD included.

"J.P. Donleavy"

The Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco.

Comprehensive section on JPD, including: biography, bibliography, criticism from many sources, reviews and his copies of his books. (ongoing)

The Paris Olympia Press

by Patrick J. Kearney; Angus Carroll, ed. - Liverpool Press, March, 2008 - ISBN 1846311055 - 360 pages

The difinitavie bibliographical reference work on the Paris Olympia Press.
Includes all the Paris Olympia editions of The Ginger Man by JPD.


by James Campell - University of California Press, September 1, 2008, ISBN 0520252373 - 226 pages

Contains essay "To Beat the Bible: A Profile of J. P. Donleavy"

La Recepcio Del Teatre Contemorani. XV Valencia Universitat de Valencia 2011
ISBN 11354178

Contains The Censoring of The Ginger Man, London and Dublin 1959, or, the ''nipple nuttiness" of J.P. Donleavy by Ben Levitas

Ramon X. Rossello, Josep Liuis Sierra and John London, eds.

Prodigals and Geniuses - The Writers and Artists of Dublin's Baggotonia

by Brendan Lynch - Liffey Press, Oct. 28, 2011, ISBN 1905785968 - 325 pages

JPD included.

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American Dramatists and Playwright Introduction

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JPD included.

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Division of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012 - ongoing

JPD entry.


Online encyclopedia. Ongoing.

JPD entry.

Riot and Great Anger: Stage Censorship in Twentieth-Century Ireland

by Joan Fitzpatrick Dean | University of Wisconsin Press | April 29, 2010
ISBN 0299196646

Section on The Ginger Man play.
Writers Gone Wild: The Feuds, Frolics and Follies of Liturature's Great Adventurers, Drunkards, Lovers, Iconoclasts and Misanthropes

by Bill Pashel | Perigee Publishing, 2010

Includes JPD.
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Contains an excerpt from the play Fairy Tales of New York.

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