Is the worst
When it breaks
Your heart
Holy Jesus
And I might even
Have to be
Nice right back"

- J.P. Donleavy from Are You Listening Rabbi Löw

Photo by Jerry Bauer

This is the second book of the Sigmund Franz "Isadorable" Schultz trilogy, the first book being Schultz and the third book completed but unpublished (title being researched). Donleavy claims that he's found no publisher as of yet for the third book because its contents are viewed by some as too antifeminist. Although Schultz received a fair amount of publicity and remained in print through several US and UK editions and printings, this sequel did not fair as well. Reaction from the Jewish community ranged from the outright hostile (According to Donleavy, the publisher received death threats if he went ahead with publication) to very favorable. For some, it is impossible to be impartial about anything that encompasses their ethnic and gender issues, but to well-rounded Donleavy fans and those who do the reading with open minds, it's quite easy to see that Donleavy lampoons and in odd ways champions both genders and a very wide range of ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups.

Are You Listening Rabbi Löw

Cloth | Viking (Penguin), London 1987 - ISBN 0670815357 - 405 pages

First UK trade edition. 

Are You Listening Rabbi Löw

Cloth | Atlantic Monthly Press, NY 1988 - ISBN 0871132370 - 405 pages

First US trade edition. 

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Are You Listening Rabbi Löw

Wraps | Penguin, London 1989 - ISBN 014009821 - 405 pages

First UK paperback edition.

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