"...I've always been prepared to stand up and fight for my beliefs. I'm prepared to die for them.
Of course, the risk always is that someone will come along and kill you. "

- JP Donleavy from "That singular saucy sagacity" The Weekend Australian, March, 1990
There is some overlap here with the JPD Interviews index as some articles contain portions of interviews or enough quotes to make them quasi-interviews. Some listings are book reviews which provide information beyond the scope of the book being reviewed. Entries with links lead to pages containing the entire text of the piece. List includes online reprints of articles originally appearing in print. Also included are books with mention and/or discussion of JPD.
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JPD comfortably seated amidst Irish History. Photo by Eamonn McCabe from a Guardian Unlimited article (March 5, 2007) recounting JPD's choices from a broadcast of the popular "Desert Island Discs" radio program.
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