"Upon Meditation...

Make sure you really need this on top of the worries you've already got."

- J.P. Donleavy from The Unexpurgated Code
List includes online reprints of articles originally appearing in print. Included are periodicals and books with pieces on JPD which do not fall into the academic category.

"Books We Love and a Few Books We Don't"

The Austin Chronicle, Jan 7, 2000.

by Mike Shea. The Ginger Man is #4 on the list.

"THE CRAIC: J.P. Donleavy; 'Man' of letters"

Irish Voice, May 30, 2000.

Article by Diana Barth.

"Angry Man Still Has Spice"

Irish Voice, May 30, 2000

Article by Laoise MacReamoinn, focusing mainly on the revival of The Ginger Man Play.

"The Classic With a Pornographic Pedigree"

The New York Times, June 28, 2000

JPD article by Mel Gussow focusing mainly on The Ginger Man.

Read the article.

"The Ginger Man" at The Irish Arts Center, New York

Show Guide - Backstage Off-Broadway, June 28, 2000

Article/review by Paul Grant. Favorable review.

To purchase books by J.P. Donleavy, go to the Buyers' Guide.

"The Ginger Man" at The Irish Arts Center, New York

Show Business, June 28, 2000

Same article/review as Show Guide (above) by Paul Grant. Favorable review.

"Mike's Back in Town: Bronx Boy, Bard and Beef Baron J.P. Donleavy"

Irish American, September, 2000

JPD article. No byline given.

"Dublin Live - Books & Talks"

ireland.com/The Irish Times, October 5, 2000

JPD article with interview quotes by Edward Power.

Read the article.

"Farmleigh Items at Irish Art Sale

The Sunday Business Post, October 8, 2000

Article by Donnachs Omallie on Whyte's art sale - JPD's featured works for sale as well as those for display only.

"Author's Quotes"

Sunbeams (The Sun), March, 2001

JPD included.

"JP Donleavy - Author of The Ginger Man"

Book and Magazine Collector, April, 2001

Excellent bio and article on JPD and his works by Colin Overall. Overall gives one of the best chronological accounts of Donleavy's life and the progression of his work with informative details and mention of JPD's books (including estimated collectors' values at the time the piece was written).

Read the article.

"Adventures in Irish Country Houses - J.P. Donleavy"

by Victoria Mary Clarke, August 21, 2001

Levington Park and its master put in a good light with plenty of dialogue snippets from JPD.

"William Kennedy's Greatest Game"

The Atlantic Monthly, Feb. 2002

Article/review - Roscoe by William Kennedy by Thomas Mallon.

JPD mentioned.

"Rebel with a taste for the high life"

Financial Times, London, Weekend Edition, March 16/17, 2002

Article with interview quotes and review of JPD art show at the Walton Gallery, London.


by Pamela Stephenson | Penguin/Overlook, London 2002 - ISBN 1585673080

There are quite a few editions of this best-seller by Bill Connolly's wife, Pamela Stephenson, so I just picked one. Among Billy's anecdotes, is his story of taking over the role of Beefy from Simon Cowell in the London stage production of The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B.

David Monagan's Top Ten Irish Journeys

Guardian Unlimited, 2002 - The Ginger Man among the choices for the Top Ten.

Now Dig This: The Unspeakable Writing of Terry Southern

by Terry Southern | Grove Press, 2002 - ISBN 0802138942

JPD included in sections regarding the Olympia Press, Paris.

Exiled in Paris

by James Campbell - University of California Press, Feb. 3, 2003 - 300 pages -
ISBN 0520234413

Includes a section on The Olympia Press and JPD's legal battle with it's then owner Maurice Girodias.

"Welcome home to 'dear, dirty Dublin'"

Chicago Sun Times - March 16, 2003 - AP

Article includes JPD, Brendan Behan, Joyce and others.

Theatre World 1999 - 2000, Vol. 56

John Willis ed. - Cloth - Applause Books, April 1, 2003 - 304 pages -
ISBN 1557834768

Includes article on The Ginger Man production at the Irish Arts Center in New York, 2000.

Sam Spiegel: The Incredible Life and Times of Hollywood's Most Iconoclastic Producer, the Miracle Worker Who Went from Penniless Refugee to Showbiz Legend, and Made Possible The African Queen, On the Waterfront, The Bridge on the River Kwai, and Lawrence of Arabia

by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni - Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, April 2003 - ISBN: 068483619X

Chronicles Spiegel's meetings with JPD to bring some of his work to the big screen.

"I came into possession of Olympia"

The Sunday Telegraph (London), July 6, 2003

Article with quotes.

"The Literary Issue: Canon Fodder - Don't go to your grave without reading these essential books"

Las Vegas Mercury, Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Ginger Man listed as #3 on reviewer Andrew Kiraly's top ten books.

"Revisiting The Ginger Man"

Poets and Writers Magazine, Vol. 31, Issue 5, Sept/Oct., 2003

By Lance Contrucci. Article with interview quotes and a brief excerpt from The Ginger Man. Available from the publication.

"News and Reviews"

Paris Voice, September, 2003

JPD mentioned among other authors.

The Great Shark Hunt: The Gonzo Papers Vol. 1, Strange Tales From Strange Places

by Hunter S. Thompson - Simon & Schuster, 2003 - ISBN 0743250451

Thompson was a huge JPD fan. It's been told that he carried a copy of The Ginger Man around with him for years. Included in this gonzo collection is a rave review of A Singular Man.

The Rough Guide to Ireland

by Margaret Greenwood - Rough Guides, 2003 - ISBN 1843530597

JPD and The Ginger Man included.

A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict

by John Baxter - St. Martin's Press, 2003 - ISBN 0312317255

A wonderful book, with JPD included in a passage about the Olympia Press, Paris. John has provided major contributions to the Compendium, including what is perhaps the rarest of all editions of The Ginger Man - the 1958 Olympia Press hardcover edition variant with original flaps (see The Ginger Man 50s Editions). John's site is coming soon and will be linked here as soon as it's online. Also be sure to check out an associated site - Terrance Gelenter's Paris Through Expatriate Eyes.

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