J.P. Donleavy was once asked why he was growing a beard. His answer was, "I'm not doing anything. You're shaving."
Photo by Charles Ruppmann.
"In Some of His Sins and Most of His Graces"
Karen and J.P. Donleavy take a break from the hectic gallery. Behind them is The New York Athletic Club where long-time member JPD still works out. Photo by Rachel Shea.
Final catalogue cover, this one signed by JPD. Courtesy J.P. Donleavy.
"What Do You Say We Go For Another Million" - ceramic piece by Karen Donleavy, image and title taken from a JPD painting. For more on Karen's work, visit the Karen Donleavy Page or visit Karen's site.

JPD held a joint exhibition with his daughter, Karen, at the National Arts Club, New York May 10 - 23, 2007. His last show, Molesworth Gallery Dublin, was a sell out. The show was presented by Damien Matthews - Matthews Fine Art. For this show, many of Karen's pieces displayed the images and titles from her father's paintings.

Complete Press Release
Complete Illustrated Catalogue (in PDF format)

Selected works from the catalogue

Once Again We Almost Meet - Watercolour and Pen & Ink
Roll On Eternity And Keep Off My Toes - Watercolour
I Am Decorous When I Need To Be -
It's Not Going To Hurt - Watercolour and Pen & Ink
Beyond Wall Street - Watercolour

Portrait of J.P. Donleavy by Robert Ballagh

"You Son of a Bitch and You Son of a Bitch" - ceramic piece by Karen Donleavy, image and title taken from a JPD painting. For more on Karen's work, visit the Karen Donleavy Page or visit Karen's site.
JPD discussing his work while a film crew makes a documentary. (Left to Right: Damien Matthews, Charles Carter & JPD. Photo by Tom Hansbury. Larger view.
A section of the display wall at the National Arts Club. Photo by Tom Hansbury. Larger view.
"It Really Cut Me In Half" - watercolor by JPD
More photos from the show & JPD around New York

Photography by Patrick Hansbury

Elaine May, Tony Walton & Stanley Donen

Photography by Charles Ruppmann

JPD with guests
JPD with young fan and fan's mom
Bob Precious (owner of The Ginger Man pub chain) and JPD
JPD mingling
Bob Mitchell and Billy Connolly
(Bob, center, Billy far right)
The place is packed
JPD comments on a painting while documentary crew gets it on tape
(left to right, Charles Carter, Deborah Drylie, JPD)
JPD signs a book (Bob Precious looks on)
JPD longtime friend and business associate, Bob Mitchell
JPD at reception dinner
A toast to JPD (Bill Dunn far right)

Photography by Bill Dunn (© 2007 Bill Dunn)

Reception sign-in area for opening
Art displayed
More art displayed
Wide view of the National Arts Club gallery before opening
Another wide view of gallery pre-opening

JPD, Chelsea Piers, Hudson river w/ New Jersey skyline in the background
JPD in exterior documentary scene
(outside Fordham Prep.)
JPD visits Herman Melville's grave, Woodlawn Cemetery, the Bronx
JPD and daughter, Karen Donleavy, outside the New York Athletic Club

Photography by Rachel Shea

Karen and JPD outside the New York Athletic Club
JPD and Karen relax on a park bench
JPD on park bench
Karen and JPD on boulders in park

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