JPD drawing at Levington Park. Photo courtesy the J.P. Donleavy Archives.

Many thanks to Jane Eckett of Whyte's for details about this show/auction held on October 10, 2000 in Dublin. (Visit Whyte's site for Irish art auctions). Several Donleavy works were offered at the auction while others where on public display only. According to information provided by Whyte's, the works were as follows:

Yellow Bird (ink and watercolour)
Still Life (ink and watercolour)
Floor Plan (ink and watercolour)
Self Portrait (ink and watercolour)
Woman in Yellow Dress (ink and watercolour)
Nude (ink and watercolour)
Female Nude Torso (ink and watercolour)
Bottles (ink and watercolour)
Man in Tall Hat (ink and watercolour)
Fish (ink and watercolour)
Nude on Chair (ink and watercolour)
Woman in Hat (ink and watercolour)
Cemetery (ink and watercolour)
Head (ink) -
Illustration from the book, The Unexpurgated Code...
Mythical Animal (ink)
Smiling Dog (ink)

Self portrait, circa 1990.
Female nude, watercolor and ink, 1952. Larger view.
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