Photo courtesy of Thomas E. Kennedy

"Donleavy is a comic who tosses cream pies with cement filling."

Arthur Cooper, Newsweek

Ceramic art by daughter, Karen Donleavy.
Bob Precious's Ginger Man, New York, one of a chain of pubs run with JPD's blessing, the free drinks he gets when in town having nothing to do with it.

Here are some Donleavy-related sites, some having a direct connection, others more indirect. I will try to
check these from time to time to make sure that the links still work.

Places Named After The Ginger Man:

The Ginger Man (Houston bar)
The Ginger Man (Austin bar)
The Ginger Man (Dallas bar)
The Ginger Man (Fort Worth bar)
The Ginger Man (Plano TX bar)
The Ginger Man (Southlake TX bar)
The Ginger Man (Lakewood TX bar

The Ginger Man (Greenwich CT bar)
The Ginger Man (South Norwalk CT bar)
The Ginger Man (Manhattan restaurant-bar)
The Gingerman Bar (Waterford Ireland. No site as of yet)
Ginger Man (Brighton UK restaurant)
Ginger Man (New York City catering and private chef service)
The Gingerman (Auto race track)

The J.P. Donleavy Picture Gallery Page

JPD Picture Gallery (a collection of the Compendium's favorite JPD photos)

The Artists' Depictions of J.P. Donleavy Page

Artists Depict JPD (a collection of portraits, illustrations, self-portraits and misc. art)

The J.P. Donleavy Quotes Page

JPD Quotes (quotes from interviews, articles and books with an introduction by Bill Dunn)

The J.P. Donleavy Ephemera Page

JPD Ephemera (archive of programmes, catalogues, posters, flyers and misc.)

E-book Page

Link to Compendium E-book Page (info on available JPD books in various ebook formats)

Audio book Page

Link to Compendium Audio-book Page (info on available JPD audio books on tape and
in MP3 format)

JPD's Levington Park Estate

Levington Park (background and pictorial)

Tribute to Seymour Lawrence 1927 - 1994

Seymour Lawrence (JPD's publisher 1963 - 1994)

Links to Karen Donleavy's Art Work

Karen's Compendium page

Links to Celebrities (past & present) Who've Stated They're JPD Fans

Al Pacino
Jack Bruce
Dexter Gordon
Simon Le Bon (DuranDuran)
Anthony Burgess

Philip K. Dick
Princess Grace (Grace Kelly)
Brian Cadd
Art Garfunkle
Liv Tyler
John Lennon

Bobby Kennedy
Joe Frazier
Marilyn Monroe
Dorothy Parker
Richard & Mimi Fariña
Gabriel Byrne
Hunter S. Thompson Click here to read a Gonzo fan letter sent to JPD
Johnny Depp
Joseph Heller

Marianne Faithfull
Martin Clunes
Mick Jagger
Emmylou Harris
Richard Harris
Oliver Stone
Sam Spiegel
Tim Buckley
Robert Redford
John Huston
Carroll O'Connor (owned and operated a Beverly Hills restaurant called The Ginger Man)
George Roy Hill
Jack Butler Yeats
Shane MacGowan & The Pogues
Steve Martin
Van Morrison

V.S. Naipaul
William Kennedy
Lawrence Grobel Click here to read Grobel's article on JPD
Susanna York (starred in the world premiere of the stage version of A Singular Man)
Jack Nicholson
Bob Dylan
E.L. Doctorow
Billy Connolly
John Updike
Peter Hammill (of Van Der Graaf Gererator)

Misc. Sites

Link to Wendy Barrie-Wilson's Site (Millicent & Rebecca in US premiere of the Balthazar B play)
Link to Google Results for Nicol Williamson (Dangerfield in Royal Court Theatre prod. of TGM)
Link to Interview with Donleavy Arch-foe Maurice Girodias
Link to JPD's Current UK Publisher
(Enter "Donleavy" in Author Search Field)
Link to JPD's Current US Publisher (Enter "Donleavy" in Author Search Field)
Link to JPD's Current Irish Publisher (Enter "Donleavy" in the Search Field)
Link to Illustrator, Elliott Banfield's Site (US eds. of The Lady Who... & Wrong Information...)
Link to Photographer, Stephen Hyde (excellent portraits of JPD).
Link to Photographer, Patti Perret (portrait of JPD appears in her The Faces of Fantasy)
Link to Photographer Stephen Shames (great portrait artist)
Link to Thomas E. Kennedy's site (Author/editor whose JPD interview ranks among the best)
Eamonn McCabe (Image editor for The Guardian newspaper group)
Brendan Behan Link
Link to Princess Grace Irish Library of Monaco (JPD bio and books in collection)

Sites About Authors Who JPD Credits as Influences

Henry Miller

The Henry Miller Memorial Library, Big Sur, CA

Franz Kafka

Kafka Site

James Joyce

Joyce Site

Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe Site

To purchase books by J.P. Donleavy, go to the Buyers' Guide.

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Special thanks to photographer Stephen Hyde for his kind permission to use his excellent photos of Donleavy throughout this site. Publishers wishing to purchase usage rights of Mr. Hyde's works can
do so at Stephen Hyde's website.
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"Donleavy Porter" brewed by Saint Arnold's Brewing Co., served at The Ginger Man pubs.