"Make us more remembered than forgotten."

- J.P. Donleavy, from The Onion Eaters
J.P. Donleavy Exhibition/Retrospective

"Beastly Beasts, Birds, People & Places"
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Catalogue cover. Larger View.
The show was formally and enthusiastically opened by Enrique Jancusa, director of the Irish Modern Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of The Molesworth Gallery.

Matthews Fine Art presented a major exhibition of drawings, watercolours and oils by J.P. Donleavy held at The Molesworth Gallery, 16 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2 from Feb. 7th - Feb. 20th. There were 87 works in the sold-out show (11 oils and 76 watercolours and drawings). A limited number of hardcover, signed copies of the beautifully illustrated catalogue were available, as well as unsigned softcover copies. Also available were prints of a splendid portrait of JPD by Robert Ballagh, measuring 32"x41" - each print numbered and signed by Ballagh and Donleavy. See link below for preview.

Selected works from the show

Still Life Oil Painting
Man with Multicoloured Beast - Watercolour
Beastly Beatitude - Watercolour
Nude - Watercolour

Dog with Crescent Moon - Watercolour
In the Deep to Find You - Watercolour

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Portrait by Robert Ballagh. Larger view
Self portrait - watercolor
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