Show photos courtesy of Damien Matthews, Walton Gallery, London
"Make us more remembered than forgotten."

- J.P. Donleavy, from The Onion Eaters

Special thanks to Damien Matthews of the Walton Gallery for much information on this show, including photos taken at the reception opening night. Damien's advance notice of the even allowed me to send notice to the Compendium's email list prompting several fans to make it to the show and purchase works.

Opening night reception, Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Invitation to the reception
JPD arriving to the event
Inside the gallery during the reception

Selected works from the Walton Gallery Show

Balloons (watercolour)
Brendan Behan (watercolour)
Harvest Moon I (watercolour)
Impressions of Wilde (oil on board)
Lady With Pearls I (watercolour)
Lady With Pearls II (watercolour)
Man On Bicycle (ink drawing)
A Perfect Misunderstanding (watercolour)
Roulette Composition (watercolour)
Sheamus Heaney (watercolour)
The Embroiderer (watercolour)

Samuel Beckett I (watercolour). Click for larger view.
Walton Gallery Donleavy catalogue front cover. Click for larger view.
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