JPD in study with manuscript.
Photo by Thomas E. Kennedy
(On growing old)

"It's not nice but take comfort
that you won't stay that way forever."

- J.P. Donleavy from The Unexpurgated Code
JPD at Levington Park
with some work in progress.

Works in Progress and Projects Being Considered:
(According to the author in various interviews and news articles)

- A fourth book in the Darcy Dancer series
- A second volume in The History of The Ginger Man autobiography
- The Unexpurgated Code of Growing Old

Finished Unpublished Works

- The third book in the Schultz trilogy, title being researched. (Donleavy claims publishers fear backlash from what may be perceived as an anti-feminist element in this book.)

Abandoned Projects

A novel titled "Gratz" : an unfinished novel (72 type-written pages with author's notes). Story concerns the humorous exploits of Joseph E. Gratz, a veteran WWII correspondent newly arrived at one of the world's great universities to get a degree. Many thanks to Bill Dunn (JPD's archivist) for this information.

Film Projects

When The Ginger Man is released as a film, the familiar Hollywood phrase "Years in the making" certainly will apply as with few other adaptations. One can only speculate as to why it's taken so long for a film version to be produced. It's known that major players in the industry have tried to negotiate rights over the years, among them Robert Redford, Mike Nichols, Sam Speigel, John Huston and Johnny Depp.

A recent article/interview mentions that Donleavy has written a screenplay adaptation of The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms. Production information is being researched.

Donleavy's first screenplay "The Rich Goat,"  praised by Orson Welles as one of the best scripts he ever read, remains unproduced.

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